Our stressful modern lifestyles have led to a renewed appreciation for the Greek values of integral wellbeing. Re-establishing balance in our bodies through water, a healthy lifestyle, light, a balanced diet, massages and mental calm, were the foundations of wellbeing in ancient Greece and are still valid over 2000 years later.

In this search for integral wellbeing (or wellness) urban spa centres, thalassotherapy centres and such like offer the perfect environment for hydrotherapy treatments, relaxation and full care of the body.

Brookforge in partnership with Astralpool offer the ultimate solution for any project related to wellness facilities, presenting the AstralPool Wellma lines of integral product and services solutions.

What is a Wellness Centre?

Wellma Welllness CentreA Wellness centre is a dedicated space providing facilities and services to enhance the relaxation and wellbeing of a customer.

A Wellness centre is for people who want to enhance their quality of life, improve overall fitness and reduce their risk of arthritis, heart disease and other chronic conditions.


The Wellma Concept is based on the 4 Elements :

Wellness Treatments can include :Wellma Welllness Centre

types wellma of customers :

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