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Therapy Zone - Balneotherapy Tables

The term Balneology refers to the study of the art and science of bathing. The goal of these treatments is to enhance the immune system, stimulate circulation (including lymph and blood circulation) and accelerate cell activity, dilating tissue and vessels in order to activate self-healing.

Balneotherapy is a natural therapy that makes the best use of natural elements, such as hot springs, climatic factors, chronoboiological and circadian rhythmic phases and natural herbal substances.

For centuries the benefits of therapeutic bathing have been recognized for the ability to relieve pain and improve the general well being of the body and the spirit. In fact, Balneotherapy is one of the oldest medical procedures, well known and widely regarded throughout Europe & Asia, where people have historically flocked to luxury spas for recreation and treatment.

Wellma Sensation & Aroma

Balneotherapy Bath Sensation - Wellness Bathtubs

Balneotherapy Bath SensationThe Wellness and Thalasso bath is a low-noise bath tub with fully automatic, individually programmable health massage for spa treatments and thalassotherapy.

The health massage of the tub offers:

Balneotherapy Bath Aroma - Wellness Bathtub

Balneotherapy Bath AromaThe Wellness and Thalasso bath is a Low-noise bath tub with fully automatic, individual programmable health massage for Spa treatments and thalassotherapy. The health massage of the tub offers:

Wellma Zen - Dryfloat Massage bed

Wellma ZenDesign event bench for the application of physiological, dermatological or cosmetic health treatments and body wraps in Wellness and Thalasso.

Wellma Vedica - Therapy heated bed

Wellma Vedica The Vedica is a bench for the application of wet massages, soap brush massages, hot stone or ayurveda treatments, vichy shower, etc.

Hidromassage bed: Feeling

Hidromassage bed: FeelingFeeling machines allow people to receive warm dry water massages without the inconvenience of getting unclothed or wet.

Enclosed in the bed are 95 litres of water which travels through a pump and is projected upwards to provide a powerful, warm water massage to a person lying comfortably on top.

A handheld control allows the user to adjust massage time, pressure, intensity, and location(s). Benefits of using the bed are an increase in blood circulation, oxygen absorption, and muscular range of motion. It also reduces stress, blood pressure, muscle spasms, muscle guarding.

Hidromassage DisplayThe duration of a typical session is 15 minutes, although it is common to have massages ranging from 10-20 minutes. The most powerful, easiest to use, dry hydrotherapy beds in the industry.

A standard touchscreen control is included; the touchscreen is a completely interactive, multi-media control device that allows the user to listen to music, watch videos, play games and read online news, all the while controlling every parameter of their treatment with a simple touch, i.e. time, pressure, intensity and location of massage.

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